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About Langer Law, P.A. | A Great 5 Star Rated Law Firm Handling Education Cases in Florida. Attorney Stephanie Langer wants to help you.

What We Stand For.

Langer Law, P.A. is a civil rights law firm focused on the rights of children in education and the criminal justice system and assisting people with disabilities and their families with navigating through the many complicated systems that exist.  Langer Law, P.A. empowers individuals, parents, and caregivers by providing them with the most up-to-date information and representation when necessary. 

Langer Law, P.A. provides consultation and representation in the following areas:

  • Matters related to educational discipline: suspension, expulsion, Baker Act, and arrest at school. 
  • Special education: including IDEA, 504, ADA, McKay scholarship, and testing accommodations. 
  • Guardianship issues

How can we help? About Langer Law

Our Firm Families face many challenges today. Langer Law, P.A. is dedicated to helping navigate, plan for, and protect your loved ones in all phases of their life. From young families, grandparents, and parents of children with disabilities, Langer Law, is committed to helping you protect what matters most.

Through education, consultation, representation, and litigation when necessary, Langer Law, P.A. strives to provide holistic and effective solutions to the complicated problems facing families today. Langer Law, P.A. is a boutique law firm with a focus on the rights of children. Contact us today.